Fabulous CoBrA painting
  Fantastic CoBrA painting by Gerard Koelen. Gerard was a close friend and painting compagnon of Karel Appel. Gerard Koelen stood at the beginning of the CoBrA group. He was a painter- and member in the style of the "Onafhankelijken Amsterdam" ("Independents Amsterdam") which was a satellite of the CoBrA movement. Gerad Koelen en Karel Appel where working with each other- and with other members of the CoBrA group. Gérardhus Koelen was born in Lonneker (Holland) on 3 September 1910 and died on 23 July 1991 Pont St. Esprit in de Gard (France). This large painting is made in Amsterdam about 1948-1950. It is entitled: Fantasie. The painting is in a very good condition. The frame arround the painting is authentic and (problably) made by Gerard Koelen himself. The painting is, with help by his former Life partner, carefully appraised in Paris on € 8500. In this year (2014) his work will be exposed at: Palais idéal du Facteur Cheval (made by Joseph Ferdinand Cheval) and at the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montélimar. Dimensions (without frame): H120 x W90 cm. Origin: Dutch. Year: 1948-1950.
  Gerard Koelen
  Oil on board and wooden frame.
  Very good.
  On request



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