Wrought-iron table lamp
  Stunning beauty... That's what it is. The lamp is handmade and of a extremely high craftsmanship. This lamp is mostly made out of thin wrought-iron. The green and (smaller) red parts are enamelled according to the old principle. The lamp problably is made as a lantern to light a candle in. Beneath de wooden part, which stays cold so you can hold it, there is a closed flower situated from where a twisted protrusion is coming out. This system is attached to the lamp. To our knowledge the candlewax comes through the hole and comes out of the closed flower and along the protrusion it ends at the red ball. The screen is made out of ricepaper and is not original. Problably Italian of origin and early 19th century. Must be made in the neighbourhood of Venice. Because there is no other lamp like this one it is hard to research it. We have send pictures of this lamp to several museums all over the world and untill now without any result. Height: 40 cm.
  Wrought-iron and wood
  Very good.
  On request



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