Cornelis van der Sluys
  Fabulous Arts & Crafts set from the Dutch publicist and interior designer Cornelis van der Sluys (1881-1944). The set contains two low armchairs and one side table. Van der Sluys was the lead draftsman for the company "Arts and Crafts - Arts trade" 1898-1904 in The Hague untill 1904, (following the example of " La Art Nouveau" of Siegfried Bing in Paris that started in 1895), when the company "Arts and Crafts went bankrupt. After being abroad for some years van der Sluys started his own furniture store at Noordeinde 162 in The Hague. Looking to the set it still has some arts & crafts in it by form of the wood carving in the front legs of the chairs.The moral principles underlying the design of Van der Sluis' furniture were one of the principles of the Hague ( Haagse school) furniture in subsequent years. On the 6th picture we have displayed a picture from the book "De Haagse stijl / Art deco in Nederland" (written by the Dutch publicist Timo de Rijk) on which a simular chair is shown in a interior of the firm "De Opbouw" in 1919 The Hague. All together a very rare set and a marvalous design. Origin: Dutch. Year: 1918-1919.
  Cornelis van der Sluys
  Oak, jute (singles) and Corduroy
  Very good.
  2750 euro



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