Piero de Longhi (Not for sale)
  Very rare floorstanding coathanger by Piero de Longhi for Fly Line, Padova Italy. Researching this item we came to meet Claudia Cattelan which is part of the Cattelan (family) group where Fly Line belongs to now. She told us this is one of the first items of the Fly Line collection ever made. The coathanger was only a short period in production because it came to be expensive for its marble parts. The coathanger is called "Lolo" and was in production from 1978-1979. The hanger is marked with the Fly line sticker on one of the standing bars. The heavy metal frame is enameled in a lovely yellow colour. The marble base has some small chips on the upper. The marble base is heavy enough for keeping the coathanger in its place. The small marble disks which embellish the hangers are locked in to place by small metal parts. On these parts you can hang the coats, jackets and other clothes. Total height: 175 cm. Origin: Italy. Year: 1978. NFS = Not for sale
  Fly Line, Padova Italy
  Enameled metal and marble.
  Very good.



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