Tubular working chair and table.
  Very rare tubular working set from the mid 1920's. Resembles the work of W.H. Gispen, Theo de Wit and Schuitema. This set has always been used as a working chair and table in a foto shop in Leiden (noord-Holland). It has been in that shop untill the mid 1950's. The former owner was working in this foto shop and on this table. This chair is displayed in the book "2100 metal tubular chairs" by Otakar Mácel. Page: 28 on the upper left side. The chair in this book belongs to the collection of Gerrit Oorthuys. In the literature is revered to the book "Buisstoelen" (metalen buisstoelen van 1925-1940. Cataloque Stedelijk museum "Het Prinsenhof" Delft, Amsterdam 1975). The chair and table has been restored retaining its authenticity and with the admost precission. Because working with acids of all kind, which was normal in those days, it has affected the chrome which came off on several places. Therefor the old original chrome on both tubular frames is in a worndown condition. The tubular frames are preserved with a coating so it will not corrode. The wooden top still has its original paint. Only the parts on the sides of the top has been restored. The wooden seat and backrest where in a very worndown condition so we had to repaint it all over. Some wooden parts on seating and back are replaced. All is done with preserving the original lacquer which still is showing through the new paint. Therefor it still has an old and authentic outher. Dimensions- table: D x W x H = 60 x 60 x 66cm. Origin: Dutch/French. Year early 1920's.
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  lackered plywood and metal.
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