J.A. Muntendam side board (Sold)
  Rare Dutch side board in the so called "Modular" serie by J.A. Muntendam for LOV Oosterbeek. The serial name to which this side board belongs, is "Norma". On the sixth picture you can see a simular small cabinet from the same "Norma" serie by LOV Oosterbeek. We purchased this side board from the 1st owner who lived in a "Tuindorp" (Garden village) in Velp (near to Arnhem). This Tuindorp was developed by the architects; Pieter Vorkink and Jacobus Ph. Wormser (both worked with Berlage). In Holland we know several of these "tuindorpen" which mostly were made in- or about the big cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. These garden villages were developed following the example of "Ebenezer Howards' Garden Cities of Tomorrow (1898)" but in a radical different approach. Most where build in the Amsterdamse School style or a derivative of it. The underlying thought of these "Tuindorpen" was to upraise the workingclass people, who where mostly living in poor conditions (poverty), thinking that the environment and surroundings would and could influence them in their personal development. In these projects it was accustomed that also the interior was designed by interior designers (or the architects themselfs) who were more engaged with the working class people so they could design furniture that better reflected to their needs. Frits Spanjaard and J.A. Muntendam both are designers which where strongly engaged to the working class men. A design by Frits Spanjaard, in our collection, is the "Vernacular" chair which distinguishes itself by its roughness and folk simplicity. An example of an "idealistic" furniture company is LOV Oosterbeek. LOV stands for; Labor Omnia Vincit (Labour Overcomes All). It is most likely that LOV commissioned themself for this "idealistic" project. This sober sideboard is made on a black wooden frame on which, because it is modular, 5 "boxes" are placed on and form this fantastic sideboard. This way LOV could customize there furniture to its surroundings, taste of the customer...etc etc. The two big coromandel handles are so aberrant to the hard lines of this sideboard that they detonate out of the structure of the whole design. One fantastic master piece! Year: 1934. Origin: Dutch.
  LOV Oosterbeek
  Oak and brass parts.
  Very good.
  On Request



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