Pander cupboard (Sold)
  Fabulous and rare (kitchen) cupboard from the late 1930's. Lacquered in the "de stijl" colors. As far we know this cupboard was sold without the colors as displayed. However the structure of the paint and the professional way it is brought on to the cupboard indicates that it must have been done by Pander itself. The paint is old and original and at some parts shows craquelé which is normal for paint of this age. In the cupboard there is room enough for pots and pans, books and magazines or other stuff that needs to be stored away. On the left side there is a small shelf on which you can (or could) put on your cups so you can pour in your milk, coffee or tea. In the two drawers there's room enough for some cutlery. Looking to the frontsite you can see, with some fantasy, an artwork of Mondriaan. On the back side there are four small holes (original) with gauze in it so the cupboard can let through the air, in- and out. Overall a very rare cupboard which will be an asset to your livingroom or kitchen. Dimensions: H x D x W = 200 x 50 x 90 cm. Origin: Dutch. Year: 1935-1940.
  Pander (in research)
  Lacquered wood, brass and bakelite.



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