Willem Penaat modernist side table (Sold)
  What a rareness it is! De Stijl meets Haagse school ( or the other way around). This table is designed by: Willem Penaat (1875-1957). The development of his furniture has a meticulous seeking to make optimum outcome, where the wishes of users, simple fabrication and a contemporary form were the most important criteria. It has the soberness and hard lines of the Haagse school and the playfullness, a yellow linoleum upper, of the "De Stijl" movement. The hard lines of the base are sober and less pretentious than the round wooden plate which, because of the yellow linoleum, draws all attention to itself. This table is displayed in the book; "Moderne woninginrichting en meubileering" by Otto van Tussenbroek 1934. We have restored this table with the atmost precission. In the linoleum there are still some traces of old usage which are very hard to treat with aggressive products bacause of the friability of the linoleum. Otherwise the color and structure would fade away. A fantastic high end modernist piece. Dimensions: Dia x H = 70 x 57 cm. Year: 1933-1934. Origin: Dutch.
  Willem Penaat
  Slavonian oak and linoleum
  Very good.



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