Cornelis van der Sluys modernist chairs
  Sober dining chairs (4) designed by the famous Dutch interior architect Cornelis van der Sluys. These chairs are designed in the style of the "De Stijl" and influenced by "Het Nieuwe Bouwen" (New way of building) of which Gerrit Rietveld and Willem Petrus Berlage are the most important architects. Cornelis van der Sluys was a pure rationalist. Rationalism is not a spacific design style but a term which was used for the influence it had towards a new trend: the New Building. The chairs are simular to chairs designed by the Dutch architect Berlage. The big difference is that these chairs have no decorations what so ever. "Less is more" is written all over these chairs. The series to which these chairs belong to was called "NS serie" ( NS = Normaal serie - Normal serie) and were made between 1932 up to 1937. A picture of a chair from that period is displayed on the 6th picture and comes out of the book; "Goed in vorm - 100 jaar ontwerpen in Nederland". Chairs like this are nowadays very hard to find. Dimensions: H=100, W=48, D=50, SeatingH=48 cm. Origin: Dutch. Year: 1929.
  Cornelis van der Sluys
  Oak, wool fabric and metal parts
  Very good.
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