Heinz Lilienthal marble inlay table
  Fantastic and unique high-end coffee marble inlay table. Designed and made by Heinz Lilienthal. Short bio: Heinz Lilienthal was born on april 25th in 1927 in the town Neidenburg (East-Pruisen) and died on June 6th in 2006 in Javea Spain. As a glass painter Heinz Lilienthal was a groundbreaking artist and of enormous importance for the churches after the 2nd worldwar. His wall decorations were mostly made of metal, wood and concrete. He also decorated the interiors of large yachts for Aristoteles Onassis and Stavros Niarchos. Eventually he became a world famous table designer which designed for the upperclass all over the world. This heavy coffee table has a carrara marble upper which is handmade. The black and white circles are bouncing towards you! The wooden white lacquered side is floating around the marble plate. There is a small gap between the outer circle and the marble plate of about 1 cm. The heavy metal foot is made strong enough to give this table a very stable base. What a great piece of high-end design!!!
  Heinz Lilienthal
  Marble, wood and enameled metal.
  Very good.
  10000 euro



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