Gerrit Feenstra modernist chairs
  Rare and most likely custom made chairs by the Dutch architect Gerrit Feenstra. These chairs (4 pieces) are a cross-over between the Haagse- and the Delftse school which also is called "New Pragmatism". The are of a very high quality. The seatings are made out of wicker and are the original ones. Gerrit Feenstra was an architect that designed houses in "het nieuwe bouwen" (the new way of building) and was one of the first who was working with concrete construction. An exsample of a house designed by Gerrit Feenstra is Villa "Oase" in a small town (in the time of building it was a village) called Ede. It was made as a Doctors home with an integrated practice. This house is on the list of National Protected Monuments being, for instants, a exponent of the "New Building" principle. A picture of this villa is displayed on the 6th picture. Furniture designed by Gerrit Feenstra is very hard to come by. Looking at the chairs "no nonsense" is written all over it. It is a set of 4 chairs. Origin: Dutch. Year: about 1920-1925.
  Gerrit Feenstra
  Oak and wicker
  Very good.
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