Leidse Stijl children set
  Restored with the admost causiousness to maintain its authenticity. An absolute rare children set from de so called "Leidse Stijl". "De Stijl" ( which was the start of Leidse Stijl ) was a magazine published 1917 and founded by Theo van Doesburg. In first it was ment for art only. Later it became much wider in prospective and added architecture and furniture design aswell. Gerrit Rietveld was a prominent member of "de Stijl". The term: "less is more" had its origin here. This piece is an example of this wellknown term. It is strictly with hard lines and there is nothing that is unnecessary. Displayed on the 6th picture you can see how we found this set. At first sight the museum "de Lakenhal" in Leiden wanted to have this set in their collection. However they did find it to small (in proportions) for displaying in the museum. So this is your change to get hold on this fabulous piece. It is made for children of 3 years up to 4. Designer/Maker: In Research. origin: Dutch. Year: early 1920's.
  Lackered wood and brass screws
  Very good.
  € 3500



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