Marianne Brandt - Bauhaus (Sold to USA)
  Very rare Bauhaus bedroom table lamp by Marianne Brandt for Kandem. This lamp came to the market in August 1928 by the Leipzig lighting company Körting & Mathiesen A.-G. (KANDEM). It was one of the first lamps that was launched first after the collaboration between KANDEM and the BAUHAUS. The red (metal) circle on the downside of the standard makes this lamp just more interesting then the more duller ones of the same period. Height: 30 cm. Year: 1928 A SHORT STORY: Marianne Brandt, who had been appointed interims head of the metal workshop, organized the co-operation with Kandem, a co-operation that gave both participants the opportunity to combine advanced technologies and industrial mass production. The close co-operation made the Bauhaus artists take the step from manual production of unique pieces to an industrially made consumer product. The Kandem-Bauhaus lamps became precursors for industrial design. Two early designs were to become the greatest successes of this co-operation: towards the end of 1928 Kandem presented a plain desk lamp (no. 679) consisting of large parts that were designed by Marianne Brandt and Hin Bredendieck and a bedside lamp (no. 680), both works have been seminal up until today. Numerous lamps followed, and Kandem had sold more than 50.000 Bauhaus lamps in a matter of a few years. Kandem-Bauhaus models that were made by different members of the metal workshop, were also presented in many exhibitions. The co-operation with Kandem, which was in the end based on an individual contract with the last director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, ended in 1933, the same year the Bauhaus was shut down. The production of Kandem-Bauhaus lamps was continued and became, especially the designs by Marianne Brandt, milestones in design history. THE SAME LAMP WAS AUCTIONED AT WRIGHT20 ON 14 SEPTEMBER 2003.
  Kandem - Leipzig
  Enameled metal and stainless steel.
  Very good.
  € 1000



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