W. H. Gispen table (Sold)
  Rare pre-war (1937) working- or dinner table. This so called "Stalachrome" table is made for life. This table we have found was in a pretty worndown condition. We restored it with containing it authenticity and with the admost precision. This design-classic table has a linoleum upper in which you can still see the hard life it must have had. We cleaned up the paint, glue and other dirt so it shows its roughness but became cleaner then it ever was. The chrome feet where painted-over black. We have restored them still showing there scars in the original old chrome. All over the table now is in a good condition. On the sixth picture you can see the table in an office of the architect association Brinkman and Van den Broek in 1937. The caps on the end of the feet are replaced by new plastic ones. Dimensions: L x D x H = ca 120 x 80 x 75 cm. Origin: Dutch. Year: 1934-1938.
  W. H. Gispen
  Metal, Aluminium and linoleum.
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