J.A. Muntendam modernist desk (SOLD)
  Extremely rare Dutch modernist desk designed by the interiordesigner J.A. Muntendam for L.O.V. Oosterbeek. The furniture company L.O.V. (Labor Omnia Vincit = Work conquers all) Oosterbeek was an idealistic furniture company and was established- and directed by Gerrit Pelt from 1910 untill 1935 in Oosterbeek. J.A. Muntendam and Frits Spanjaard where the most important designers of this furniture company. Their work can be discribed as minimalistic and subtle of which this small (ladies)desk is a very good example. The desk is in its original condition which means that there are no parts restored or replaced. This desk is build up in a so called "modular" principle and can best be discribed as related to the "Haagse school". A simular work with the modular principles is a sideboard by J.A. Muntendam which is also part of our collection. The red/brown lacquered door is fully original and shows some minor traces of usage. The big coromandel handle is intended to be opposing to all the hard lines of the desk. Because of the red lacquered background, to which the handle is mounted on, it gets even more pronounced by its dark structure. Because the furniture of L.O.V. was designed by leading and progressive architects and designers from those days (and where made in limited editions) they became rather expensive. Nowadays these designs are on many wish lists of furniture collectors and museums. Dimensions: W x D x H = 112,5 x 71 x 77cm. Year: late 1920's. Origin: Dutch.
  LOV Oosterbeek
  Oak and lacquered wood
  Very good.



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