J.M Thomas adjustable table
  Fabulous designed adjustable table by J.M Thomas for Willem Renz. Table serie WR 194. In its lowest position this table can be used as a center- or side table ( height 55 cm )and in its upright position and folded open it is a fantastic dinnertable (height 70 cm). The heavy made foot is made out of cast-iron (grey parts) and sollid stainless steel (floorstands). In the grey stand there is a pressure pin situated which will, when unlocked by the handle, push up the frame to a higher position. When the handle is locked the upper can be folded open and locked in to a stable position. The top is made out of European Oak and is in a very good condition. This high-end table is an asset to nearly every essemble. This table is marked on the wooden downside with the manifacturers disc decal. Dimensions: (as side table)D x W x H = 60 x 110 x 55 cm. (folded open): W x D x H = 120 x 110 x 70 cm. Year: 1959.
  Willem Renz
  Enameled cast-ron, stainless steel and European Oak.
  Very good.
  € 1550



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