19th century inlaid bone chair.
  A fantastic arts and craft made Syrian or Italian walnut and bone-inlaid folding chair. The chair has been lovely decorated with geometric- and flower bone inlay. The slats on both cross-supports are continuing to legs with sleigh feet. Between these slats are thin, non supporting, slats applied which only have a decorating function to the chair. There are, as far we know, only two chairs known with these non supporting decorated slats. Because of this more frivolous made decorations, which are not common to the Syrian versions of these chairs, we think it is from Italy. These so called "Savonarola" folding chairs are, as well as this folding chair, more frivolous and clear decorated then the Syrian ones. The seating, unlike the Syrian folding chairs, can not be folded. The "crown" on the backrest and the square seat are both beautifull decorated with fine bone inlay. There's only one simular chair known on the internet but that one is in a more warn down condition. Because of its age and some restorings to this chair it is recommended to use it as a decoration object within a interior design. Dimensions: H x W x D = 35.5" x 13.5" x 18". Origin: Syria or Italy. Year: between 1850 and 1885.
  Walnut and mother-of-pearl.
  Good vintage.
  On request



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