Bruno Munari (Sold to Italy)
  One of the few Original "Esagonale" (hexagonal) lamps by Bruno Munari. They where made in 1959 for a short period and in a limited edition. To our knowledge they are still made but in a different way. For instants the chains nowadays are chromed and the inner parts of the sheet metal plates are finished white. This early version has brass chains which are corroded green/brown and the sheet metal is unfinished on both sides. The thin hexagonal metal rods show some traces of minor rust. The three brass chains are mounted on a ring in the center of the lamp. This ring is marked with; "Brevettato Danese Milano". The original fitting (bakalite with ceramic center) is covered by a aluminium cap. A simular cap is used for the ceiling. All together a fabulous designed minimalistic lamp which you won't come accross twice easely. Dimensions: Depth 45 x Diameter 52 x Height 24 cm. Year: 1959. Origin: Italy.
  Danese Milano
  Metal sheets, brass parts and aluminium
  Very good.
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