Vilmos Huszár children chair
  Description: Fabulous example of the work of the "De Stijl" movement. This chair is most likely made and designed by Vilmos Huszár pseudonym for Vilmos Herz. Vilmos was one of the founders of the "De Stijl" magazine and later on the movement. Not only Vilmos was strongly influenced by the cubism and futurism. He also was influenced by the Bauhaus problably because of his stay during his studies in Munchen in 1904 and years later in 1920 when he visited a friend in Weimar. However he said he did'nt like the "Professor art" furniture made at the Bauhaus there is no denying that this chair is strongly influenced by that same Bauhaus. The influence lies in the used colors red/brown and black. He painted this chair in "overlapping planes of color". (Same to his experimental at works) In this case: black over red. Not only Huszár was a designer. He also was a sculptor, painter, writer and publicist. The round endings of the armrests and the roudings of the backrest he problably made because a child could hurt itself on the hard corners. Normaly he never worked with roundings in his work. This is an artwork! Not only a chair...
  Lacquered wood
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