Pierre Cuypers garden chairs
  Unique made arts & crafts chairs designed by Pierre Cuypers for the Rothschild Family. They were made for the Castle de Haar near Utrecht as garden chairs. Cuypers being a very important architect of churches is mostly known as the architect of "Het Rijksmuseum" and "Centraal Station" both in Amsterdam. However Cuypers apogee of his carrier came to be the rebuilding (on the runs) of the Castle de Haar in Haarzuilens in a romantic Gothic Revival style. He got the commission by the Rothschild family (Etienne van Zuylen van Nyevelt van de Haar and Helene de Rothschild). It took Pierre Cuypers 20 years (1892-1912) to rebuild the Castle de Haar. Because the chairs where designed as garden chairs and had to conform with the of the castle they where made in a more medieval appearance. Therefor the style of the chairs is more sober then the furniture from the Castle itself. The foundation of Castle de Haar helped us with the research of these chairs. The way the chairs are marked on the downside helped out a lot. The three Diamonds are refering to the Castle de Haar and the number is refering to the drawings by Cuypers. These chairs were made in a workshop in Roermond. The numbers 151-160 were meant for the chatelet. This knowledge of the numbers and furniture for the Castle de Haar is archived in the Nederlands Architecteninstituut (NAI) in Rotterdam. The chairs can be seen as a precursor of the Amsterdamse School style. The chairs are build up out of oak planks (the backrest and seating) and turned oak slats (between back and legs) and the forelegs. The slats and forelegs are decorated with fine carvings. The leather armrest are fastened with brass tacks in the back and locked/secured, by a hole in the leather, with a nog embellished with a ball. We have 6 chairs in stock. We recently found drawings of these chairs in the archive of "Het Nieuweinstituut" in Rotterdam. For copyright reasons we can not display these drawings on the site however its good to know that they are in our posession an when bought you will get a copy. Fabulous high end pieces of which there where only made six. Year: Between 1900-1910. origin: Dutch - IN RESEARCH -
  Pierre Cuypers - architect
  Oak and leather
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