Angelo Mangiarotti easy chair (purchased back by Rosenthal)
  Extremely rare lounge chair designed by Angelo Mangiarotti and Chiara Pampo. This lounge chair is made with the highest Teak, Rosewood and leather. The frame is lacquered with a clear green finnish. The thick seating cushioning is situated in a leather sling seat which is stitched over on the inside with a canvas sack. In this sack is a plywood seating supporter located. This way you will have a great seating comfort! The leather slingseat is locked, with rubber gussets, in to the Jacaranda frame. The sofa was produced only for a short time and in a very small edition. Its a perfect chair for a high end furnishing. Origin: Germany. Year: 1978. Don't mis it! Rosenthal Germany purchased this chair back for their annual exhibition in Switzerland. This year ( 2016) the chair will be displayed in the catalogue of Rosenthal. These pictures are taken by myself. Its more then an honnor for me to make a contribution to this catalogue. When the catalogue is finished photo's will be displayed on this site to.
  Rosenthal Germany
  Rosewood, teak and leather.
  Very good.



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