De Stijl waste paper bin
  Most likely a one-of-a-kind "suprematic" De Stijl (movement) waste paper bin. It could also have been made as a planter but we have not found any water traces in the wood and lacquer. It is simular to a waste paper bin by Donald Deskey from the 1930's which was auctioned at Wright20 Chicago. The suprematic part in this design is the red "arrow". When you ad the dimensions (left upper part with the left down part - same with the right side parts) of left- and the right side of the arrow they both make 43 cm. The thickness of the arrow on the up- and downside is 4.3 cm. That's no coincidence. What is it about number 43? (why there is chosen for number 43 we are researching - for instance; it is a prime number) This bin is fully original and hand painted. The colors are bright and clear just like De Stijl colors were ment to be. Because the red lacquer is painted on a black subsurface it looks slightly orange. When looking at the front of the bin the orange "Arrow" is pointing slightly upwards and therefore is out of key with the whole of the design. This way it gives you the impression of movement within the bin. The place were to put the waste paper is clampted between the two wooden sides. The bottom of the bin is placed about 5 cm above ground level. On the downside of the bottom there is still showing a mark and a small part of a paper sticker. We have restored this item with the atmost precission which means there are no parts replaced or taken of. All together; A museumworthy piece! Dimensions: H40 x W37,5 x D17,5 cm. Origin: Dutch. Price: NFS = not for sale (yet)
  De Stijl (related)
  Lacquered wood and metal parts.



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