Ingo Maurer large table lamp
  Very rare table lamp designed by the worldfamous lamp designer Ingo Maurer. The lamp was issued by his own firm M-Design. Both tubes are made of perspex and have a firm base on a (nearly) oval chromed stand. The lampshade has the same shape as the oval stand. A nice feature of this lamp is that the electric wires are running through the perspex tubes and are hardly visible (see picture 4). The employees of the Ingo Maurer factory never saw this lamp before. An former employee, who was working for the firm over 40 years, recognized this lamp as the PE-8. In a catalogue from the 1970s issued by Design-M we have found the lamp displayed on a table. On the page where the lamp is displayed on the text begins with Dorset. So it is more then likely the lamp is called "Dorset". The lampshade is fully original and in a very good condition. With his dimensions of W68 x H68 cm the lamp is big and needs a lot of room. All parts on the lamp are made with a high quality finishing. Origin: Germany. Year: between 1975 and 1978
  Design-M Ingo Maurer
  Chromed metal, acrylic tubes, plastics and fabric
  Very good.
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