Cornelis van der Sluys
  Strict and sober side- or tea table designed by the Dutch interior designer Cornelis van der Sluys (1881-1944). This table can be related to the so called "Nieuwe zakelijkheid" which was characteristic for the designs of the Haagse school. During the years between the two world wars (interbellum) a luxurious and modern style of design emerged that was termed the Haagse School. The style featured architectural forms, with the straight-sided, Cubist shapes of the furniture directly echoing those of contemporary buildings. Important influences included Berlage’s idealism, traditional arts and crafts, the interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright and the avant-garde ideas of De Stijl. The result was a modern, commercial style of design. Cornelis van der Sluys succeeded, with designing this table, to emerge brightness and clearness in this table. This tanle is an absolute asset in an industrial- or fifties design essemble. Dimensions: W x D x H = 66 x 40 x 54 cm. Year: 1930-1933. Origin: Dutch.
  Unknown / In research
  Oak and glass
  Very good.
  € 650



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