Frits Spanjaard - to be restored # 1
  Monumental, sober, strictly, majestic and RAW! Researching this highback chair we came across a cabinet made by the "Oosterbeeksche Meubelfabriek LOV". We displayed a picture (6) of this cabinet with the pictures of this chair. Its not proven that this chair was made by Frits Spanjaard - there is still a lot of discusion about it. Therefor we can only attribute this chair to Spanjaard. Looking to the stepwise designed sides of the cabinet you can see the resemblances with this chair. Frits Spanjaard's designs in this period were characterized by these "stepwise" cascade forms. (Quote from: Het Art Nouveau, Art deco boek. Written by: Titus M. Eliens. Page 321) Most likely this chair was designed within this range of furniture by Spanjaard. In the book "De Haagse stijl" by Timo de Rijk this style of furniture is discussed. This so called "Vernacular" furniture distinguishes itself in particular way by its roughness and folk simplicity. The chair is in its original condition. There are no parts restored or replaced. Year: 1910-1920. Origin: Dutch. NEW DEVELOPMENTS! We Vave discovered that this chair was modified with some parts that didn't belong to it from the early (1st) edition. WATCH A NEW # 2 ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS WEBSITE.
  Unknown / In research
  Elmwood and copper screws
  On request



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